The 'unblog' blog

It is my hope that the following articles and resources will prove helpful to you! A majority of what you will find here is not original. Rather, for the most part I will be pointing you to the original content of various others. It is my hope that you will find these voices just as challenging, helpful, and refreshing as I have. + Pastor David

Christian children

My wife and I spoke in hushed tones about Paris, confident that the kiddos were well out of earshot. Still they heard. One of the little ones piped up, “What happened in Paris?” I managed to feebly offer that some bad folks had done some bad things to some people far away. And with that, the other little one made the sign of the gun and said, “Pop. Pop. Dead.” (READ THE FULL STORY HERE)

Teens & Social Media


Parents, Let's begin a conversation about Social Media and your child(ren). To begin with, wouldn't it be nice to know a little bit about the lay of the land? What is happening in Social Media world amongst teens?  It turns out that the Pew Research folks have some tremendous goods for us. Read. Mark. Learn. HERE. In coming weeks I will add more pieces to this conversation. + Pastor David

Saints Peter & Brawl


How do we behave inside the church?

How is the church seen from the outside?

What should we expect from the church?

Rebekah Curtis writes a nice, and short piece, on just these topics.

You can read it HERE.