We are a congregation of the LUTHERAN CHURCH MISSOURI SYNOD (LC-MS). A congregation of men, women, and children who, by the grace of God, have faith to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The heartbeat of our life together is Sunday morning where we are gathered by the Lord God, fed by His Word, and strengthened for lives of service in our homes, families and world - all to the glory of God. 

In our worship we enjoy variety in our music even as we follow the classic liturgy of the church. What is liturgy? It is the content of worship that follows that pattern of our lives in Christ from lost sinner to redeemed child of God on account of the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Liturgy is a conversation between God and His people. Our Lord speaks and gives His gifts. We listen and receive and respond. The fullness of our lives together at New Hope flows out of God's divine service to us in Worship. 

We believe that we and all people are in need of a Savior. The Bible claims this & our daily lives affirm this. 

The good things we desire to do we all too often fail to do. The bad that we try so hard to avoid we often find ourselves doing again. And the consequences are strained and broken relationships with each other and worst of all a broken relationship with the Lord God. 

We believe that at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. (Romans 5:6) We believe that while we deserve God's wrath for our sinful rebellion, God instead has paid the price of that wrath through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. 

We believe that through this undeserved gift of Jesus to us and to all who believe in Him, God has covered over our sin, washed us clean, and declared us again to be His own. We now live in His peace and kingdom even as we await for the full unveiling of His peace and kingdom at His second-coming. 

We believe that this reality frees us to live for others - our spouses, our children, and our neighbors - to serve them and love them because we have first been loved by God through Jesus Christ! 

Finally, we believe that God's gracious gift of love and forgiveness and adoption into His family is for all the world, even for you this day. God calls you to receive and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior! Go HERE to find out more about Lutheran distinctives, and what we as Lutherans confess.


'Synod' is a Greek word for an assembly of people who are on the path together, or 'walking together'.

We are blessed to 'walk together' as Christians with countless other Christians and Churches, who together make up the LUTHERAN CHURCH - MISSOURI SYNOD (LCMS). 

Centered in Jesus Christ and His gifts to us and all people, we enjoy witness, mercy, & life together.

Closer to home we are a part of the MICHIGAN DISTRICT OF THE LCMS.