Ongoing Prayers for Care & Healing

Ongoing Prayers for Care & Healing

  • Ruthanne N. Bill and Carole’s aunt cervix cancer.
  • Jim W. neighbor of Harry T, stage 4 colon cancer.
  • The nephew of Shirley A who is struggling with alcohol.
  • Diane B, Healing at home.
  • Don S, Sandie F, dad surgery went well, home recovering nicely 
  • Randy W, Sandie’s brother-in-law, mobility issues from MS.
  • Joanne B, Dave’s mom health issues with dementia, moved into hospice
  • Sally and Bill, friends of Shirley A in need of healing. 
  • Asa R, Stage 1 Carcinoma, Friend of Alex S.
  • David C, Brother-in-law of Sonja and Pastor Adam for non-hodgkin lymphoma. 
  •  Karen, Bybee’s, niece treatment of Crohn’s Disease
  •  Don, Retha’s brother-in-law, successful cancer treatment. 
  •  Pauline G and Roy G as he cares for Pauline. 
  •  Tom H, Relative of Tim, and Sue, dealing with multiple heath issues. 


Carlos, Christian, Cristopher, Dakota, Dennison


Carlos, Gigi, Jaret, Jovany, Marc, Monce, OJ, Orlando, Sidney


To the loving people at New Hope, I want to thank everyone who sent in cards praying for healing and strength along with your Love. The cards meant so much to me and I appreciated all your well wishes. Although it will probably be a long battle to recovery, I hope that someday I will be back in your midst celebrating the Good Lord’s supper with you. Take care and God Bless all of you! Diane B.

Praising and thanking God for answering prayers, healing and peace. I am also thankful for Pastor Adam the Elders and New Hope congregation for prayers and support during my illness and recovery. Retha B.

Anyone suffering due to a fragile mind, body, or spirit, and those who care for them. Call the church office at (616) 669-2790 and leave a message, ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT!
As you think about your blessings, if you know of any families in need, please bring their names and addresses to the attention of your elder or Pastor Adam.