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Sunday Activities

We grow our connection to God by reaching up to Him through our worship. Join us on Sundays for a variety of activities to expand your connection with the Lord.


In our private nursery, childcare is available all year for all the little ones not yet old enough to join the Sunday service or educational hours. Our nursery is staffed during Sunday service and offers toys and books to keep children engaged and a livestream of our service for those staying with them.
Kids playing in the nursery
Tile cross in the kid's nursery

Sunday School

All kids are welcome to join our Sunday school classes before service from September to May at 9:00 AM. Our classes are designed to engage children at a variety of ages, strengthening their relationship with God through fun activities and developing friendships with their peers. At New Hope, we use the Enduring Faith Curriculum from Concordia Publishing. As students progress through the program, they learn all about their Savior Jesus Christ, what their Savior means to them, how to defend their faith, and then how to share their faith with others.
Bible Knowledge + Life Application = Well rounded weekly curricul


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(6th Grade-8th Grade)

Confirmation provides students a solid foundation for understanding their faith throughout their life. Lessons encourage connections between students and their parents, pastor, and our church community to help them embrace their lifelong identity as children of God. We use The 60-Lesson Catechism study from Concordia Publishing, which offers an extensive review of Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation. It uses updated teaching techniques and assessment strategies to effectively teach every student, regardless of their Biblical knowledge or learning style.

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Weekday Activities

We continue our connection throughout the week with different groups and activities. A full list of upcoming activities is available on our calendar.


Senior reading the Bible
New Hope Lutheran Church Crochet Class

Senior Bible Study

Our senior members meet monthly to spend time with the Bible and have lunch together. This group also connects with members who are not able to join services in person, continuing the growth of our entire community, no matter their location.

Knitting and Crochet Class

Saturday, May 13th (2pm)
This will be the last class for the season, will be resuming in the fall!

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